Life’s Complexities

Today is a very busy day for me. Had fieldwork (practicing what I love) from 8a until 1p, was gonna meet up with my aunt to talk about issues she’s having, and help her order a dress, but she went to the docs and was told not to drive for X  amount of time. Caught the bus to class, and now doing a group assignment with my partner on Reggio Emilia as a curriculum, and why I think that we should use it. Tomorrow has been planned for the better part of this month, and my sister was asking me to drop off and pick up her son, just now. Really can’t because going to a different city to be there for my Step Mom as she goes under the knife. I have homework to do as well tonight or as we’re there tomorrow waiting on her to come out.

Then, as if that’s not enough, looking for references on this subject, and the page that should have the better portion of information that I need, comes up “Page Not Found” like, seriously?? This is the life.

Then there is the issue with my boyfriend and my Real Dad. Long ago, my Real Dad and him had a conversation where, my Real Dad was a bit too blunt, and my boyfriend really dislikes him due to this, so while my Real Dad invites him to.. Everything really, he refuses to go due to this long ago discussion. While I understand his point, he was plainly put.. rude, it was over a year ago! Learn to let things go, the conversation was a grand total of 10 minutes, the ruder portion was like 3 of those.

In Class

Sitting here in class wondering why ny lag hurts and not really looking foreward to walking home tonight.

Services for the Disabled

I am doing a registry of services for the disabled.  I need contact information for places that offer these services so I can contact them to get information from them about their services. I’d appreciate any links that you may put in the comments you make. Thank you!

The services I need are for:

Learning Disabled, Cognitively Impaired, Emotionally impaired, vision impaired, hearing impaired, physically and otherwise health impaired, auticitc impaired (autistic), bilingual programs, gifted programs, and the speech and language impaired.

I need it for State (Michigan), Local (Jackson), and National (the United States).

My Life Happenings

I live in a boring city, and wish that it were more entertaining. Most people know me as the talker, the fat girl, or the annoying fat girl. My name however is Tasha Perry. I have 2 little sisters, (ages 7 and 9) and  1 older (age: 21). My older sister has 3 kids. There are 2 girls, ages 2 and 4,  and she just had a boy. Here is a picture of him. He is so cute..

Baby James

I go to Baker College of Jackson and I’m going to be a teacher.  I am doing my fieldwork, on a daily basis, and going to school on Monday’s, and Thursday’s. Then I’m doing my homework, visiting with family, cleaning, baby sitting, and catching the bus when necessary. I get sleep sometimes, and love to get it. I just got out of a bad relationship. He cheated on me while I was in the house. I had a dog named Bo. Here is a picture of him.

BSB  (240)

I miss him, but I already have a lot on my plate without him. He was a great dog. I want him back if ever possible. Only, though if the current owner decides to get rid of him. My life is really complicated. I have school, homework, family, friends, did have a boyfriend, now back to being single. I have things like laundry, and household cleaning to do. My life is one thing after the other. Then people get mad because I don’t stay at their houses. My mother in particular. I stay at my aunts house from time to time because she gives me a ride from school, and I’m already at her house, and enjoy being there from time to time. I barely go anywhere besides school, my aunts, home and my moms. I have friends I never see.


I am so tired today I had my fieldwork and it was a real blast. I had to wake up early to do it. I stayed up til like 1:30 am searching for a lesson plan.. then woke up and had a great idea for a book. The teacher, nor the librarian had the book it required, so I couldn’t do it. I’m getting my ZA in Early Childhood Education as well as Teacher Preparation for 4th through 8th grade for language arts. I have to take the MTTC on April 16th and am pretty nervous about the whole thing. I got my admission ticket for it  via email, and requested a hard copy in the mail.