Life These Days

Have been fairly busy been babysitting quite a bit for my nephew, as well as someone who pays me. Been overly tired by this time of night pretty regularly.  My boyfriend and I are working on 2 1/2 years together, and happily so. We’ve had our bumps, but I will always love that man!! Over my back, it’s forever hurting lately, especially the lower half. Then just below my breast line, my rib gets to hurting with a stabbing pain out of the blue. That isn’t healthy I’m sure, but I’ll live thru it. Dying of boredom tonight lol..

Cardiac Unit

So on Sunday.. my Mom had a Heart Attack. I have never been so scared in my life. She has been up here since and I with her most of the day. I go home with my younger sisters at night. She had her second surgery  today both were heart cath  surgeries. She’s doing better now as I sit and visit her.

Productive Weekend!!

This weekend has gone pretty well. Started by getting out fieldwork, buying a student bus pass, paying off library debt, going out to dinner at KFC with Jeff (my boyfriend) and his family. Later that night, while drinking, Jeff decides he wants to come over to my house with my family. So, we come here, and drink, the next day, I clean the house, and drink, then woke up today, and went all types of OCD on the house. Doing laundry, cleaning everything, having homework to do as well, that I haven’t started quite yet. My sister borrowed $83 from me last weekend, so to pay me back, she gave me her older Xbox (the first one they came out with, but it has games on it, there are too many to count!!). She has to find the cords, or I told her it’s a “no deal” situation.. I have my cousin coming over today, I think.. which should be fun. My bf dated her years before me.. but she knows about us, and respects it, and is engaged to a man she is head over heels for, so I think it’ll work out good.. The cousin and I used to be close, but life happened, and we just got too busy to hang out.


Step Mom is doing good as far as I know. Her throat is hoarse due to the place of the surgery, and it hurts from it as well, otherwise all is well with her. So glad the bumps shrunk.

So.. if I have a fan base, I’d like to have any questions or comments from anyone who sees fit to do so. I’ll answer honesty, but wont give names of those I haven’t given. I hope all goes well between now and my next post for any an all!

Night Owl

Due to a lot on the brain I can’t sleep. Go figure. Tired all day and can’t sleep at night. Step Mom is healthy aside from pain from surgery. Homework is on the brain too. Have three learning experiences  due (four sheets of paper a piece).. then being observed at my fieldwork Tuesday.. where I do what I love.. the teachers observing  me to see if I’m doing what I love right following  certain  criteria. Due to the weather I have no idea if it’ll be open or not in the morning. Then there’s of coarse my love. I’m missing  him. He’s home and I stayed with my Step Mom to be here to help. Then there is online homework.

Update on Step Mom.. & More

My Step Mom is in recovery now, we’re able to see her, my Real Dad is in first, I think I’ll go in next. All went well, better than expected, so.. this is all good. .

Side note.. if you would like to (you certainly don’t have to do anything I say) you can follow my other blog.

Here is the Link I haven’t posted much at all thus far, haven’t been on in around a year, but I’m going to start posting again, so.. have at it.

I have homework to do tonight, so I don’t think I’ll post again tonight until after, if at all honestly. But, I’ll post when I can. I have 3 more weeks of class, then I’ll be done, Graduating with my Associates next semester, then going to finish my Bachelor’s (expected to Graduate same time next year.. Yay!)  Once I am done with these classes I’ll be able to post more often, so please bare with me in the meantime.



Family Waiting Room

Here at the Hospital with my Step Mom awaiting her surgery. The internet didn’t like me for a minute. Kind of nervous for her, but, I know all will be well. I have homework I’m going to start doing once she’s headed back. She’s beyond nervous.. If you believe in any type of Higher Power, (God, etc.) please pray for her with me? If’ you don’t you don’t have to. They say it shouldn’t be much longer than an hour or so for the surgery once she gets back there.

Life’s Complexities

Today is a very busy day for me. Had fieldwork (practicing what I love) from 8a until 1p, was gonna meet up with my aunt to talk about issues she’s having, and help her order a dress, but she went to the docs and was told not to drive for X  amount of time. Caught the bus to class, and now doing a group assignment with my partner on Reggio Emilia as a curriculum, and why I think that we should use it. Tomorrow has been planned for the better part of this month, and my sister was asking me to drop off and pick up her son, just now. Really can’t because going to a different city to be there for my Step Mom as she goes under the knife. I have homework to do as well tonight or as we’re there tomorrow waiting on her to come out.

Then, as if that’s not enough, looking for references on this subject, and the page that should have the better portion of information that I need, comes up “Page Not Found” like, seriously?? This is the life.

Then there is the issue with my boyfriend and my Real Dad. Long ago, my Real Dad and him had a conversation where, my Real Dad was a bit too blunt, and my boyfriend really dislikes him due to this, so while my Real Dad invites him to.. Everything really, he refuses to go due to this long ago discussion. While I understand his point, he was plainly put.. rude, it was over a year ago! Learn to let things go, the conversation was a grand total of 10 minutes, the ruder portion was like 3 of those.