Update on Mom, & Life

So, Mom is a lot better, Thank God!! The Heart Surgery sure did help, and she seems to be better than before. I’m just hoping for her to not scare me again.


News.. Good & Bad 

I have had time with Jeff finally. But only because I had to quit babysitting  cause the woman decided to not to pay me. My sister is out of jail but heading to a program for violating  parole for 30 to 90 days.. I have a job now.. one of two, depending  on the reply I recieve. 

1. Assistant  Teacher for the Head Start (becoming a Preschool Teacher = current Dream Job!!) 

2. Subbing for the Head Start (not so much, but getting experience)

Clearly I really want the first one.. I have dreamed of workingin a preschool since I was 16. I will substitute  though if I can’t  be the Assistant. Tho I do have my Associates  and the 6 mo  of experience  required  as well. 

They haven’t caught whoever stole my Mom’s  meds.. 

This picture was at the Gender Reveal Party for Jeff’s  sister. I did edit it tho with an app. I love this man!! 

Gotta make me some lunch now.. Ill post again soon. 

Babysitting, Favors, & Love

     These days, most of what I do is babysit.. I watch my nephew, and I babysit a friends kids. Either for money, or things that get done for me Depends on what’s going on at the time. As part of a payment, I was given a dryer, practically brand new, and I asked for my parents. Well, what they really need is a fridge, but instead of selling the dryer that they already have for a fridge, they are selling the one I just got for free, and expect me to be ok with it. It is actually mine, but of course, that doesn’t matter. if anything I should get to put it up for when I get my own place.

     So, Saturday, I babysat until late, and had a hard night with it, then went home for the night. Stayed home and had a lazy day Sunday nothing but Netflix. Well, that night, I went to my boyfriend’s house and stayed over. There are a few issues there that I’d rather not discuss, but it actually went pretty good. surprisingly. Today being Monday, I came home again to babysit, and got paid. I got a Netflix account, and ABCMouse for the youngers in my family. Yes, while babysitting lol. Had a fairly good day, nothing stuck out as horrible. I am just tired from today.

     I am in love with Jeff, his family doesn’t seem to approve, but honestly.. I do not care. I love him and he loves me, honestly, what more do we need? We’re honest with each other, we have open commuication, we tell each other everyting, and would help each other every time no matter what. What do you guys think? hmm?? If you have a relationship with someone do you think the family’s opinion of you should matter? I mean I’m not a murder, or even a law breaker, I do everything I can for everyone, and some would refer to me as too forgiving. Should money, or having a job, or an income dictate if your with someone? If so, could a small job, count for gettig a job, even ifits one you have while inbetween jobs? Would you call someone accepting a job like that an effort to prove ones self? I do everything that I can to be a good person, and friend and all these other roles, but it never seems to be enough for anyone. Maybe I spread myself too thin and being too forgiving is more a curse than a blessing? Thoughts? anyone is welcome to have an opinion.. even if I don’t agree with you, I’ll take it into consideration.