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Gaining Independence…

I changed my address, my career, and my sleeping habits this summer. My job I am the closer so I’m up half the night. My address let’s just say I no longer live with my parents.. Thank God!! I was a Substitute Teacher, now I am a Sandwich Artist at Subway.. Barely see family because none of them eat at my Subway.. even when they know I am there.. I’m supporting myself and already paid rent and power and my phone bill. Netflix and Hulu as well. Just gotta pay my internet bill tomorrow.. Trying to be fully independent.. Slowly doing it.. Yay Me lol

Really happy about all of this independence and I hope I am doing it right.. I work most of my life away just to do it but there it is..

I’m going to try to sleep now.. just haven’t posted in a long time so wanted to offer my readers an update.. Here’s some photos as well.


Change in Pace.. but Welcomed

So.. I went from Sub to Sub Maker. I was a Substitute Teacher for the local Head Start, now I make subs at the local Subway. Hoping to get enough hours soon to get my own place. Well, one with the love, but of coarse,. He says he’ll move with me. Can’t wait, OMG.. one day I’ll have my own place. I have also been visiting with a friend a lot lately. Don’t care to be home. It’s just too much, too much chaos. I’m so tired, from working. Who’da thought that Subway was that in demand here lol. Well, it is for certain. but alright, I’ll stop here. I’ll write another one tomorrow. I have the day off. Not another one off til after Tuesday sometime.

Life.. It Happens

I’m over all this I’m over mess with her going to jail and rehab and all this other crap all the time. My mom is menopausal and moody as ever. I need my own place. To get that I need a better consistent job. Good news is I have a potential job lined up, just need it to get my own place. Things should hopefully get better when I do. Jeff and I are good.. not great but not awful. It’s just life happenings.. Lost my credit card.. hopefully just misplaced it. Favorite show had its seriesfinale and it ended in a way I didn’t want it to. Emmet and Bay should end up together lol.  But alright gotta get a quick shower to go out with my Auntie. 

Problem’s with Holiday Season

We’ve had both Holiday’s that are in December, it’s obviously now January and I wasn’t in the mood for any of it. Too much drama and loss.

Grandma in last days due to Cancer,

Big Sis in rehab (AGAIN),

Friend Bobbie’s husband is leaving her (possibly) and she’s now depressed because of it,

My Big Sis leaving again threw my mother into a deep depression that I can’t pull her out of,

Recent as of Dec 1st change in rules I have no choice but to deal with,

That’s enough to call it quits on holiday’s all together. What’s worse, the boyfriend wasn’t even around for any holiday until New Year’s Eve.

Alright, I have a few things to do to be ready for work and classes, and I want to get a few done tonight. Have a good one everyone, and Happy New Year!!


Life at its Best & Busiest

Boy, oh boy have I been busy lol. Doing what I love, got a long term spot too. Loving it. Getting used to the class and the hours. Jeff and I are great. Learning a lot along the way. Alright I’m tired. I’m gonna go back to relaxing. I’m gonna try to post on Fridays as it’s my day off. No promises it’s a goal I am setting though. 

Life Today..

Having a blahh day. Listening to YouTube, and ran across  song from a Madea movie.. Mary J. Blige – I Can Do Bad All By Myself (YouTube video link). This song is how I feel about people thoughts about my job. Everyone says I need to do something different, and find a different career path. I’m here to tell you, that I will get through this, I will become the preschool teacher I’ve always wanted to become. Any nonbelievers are only kept in my life so when I succeed I can rub it in their face. (Never said I was fully mature yet lol). When I graduated with my Associate I Early Childhood Education, I had half a mind to invite all of my haters to see it. There aren’t enough seats in any given place for them all to fit. So, I invited the few supporters I have here.

Also, found this song.. which I also love, Love & Theft – If You Ever Get Lonely (Another YouTube link). I don’t know why but lately this song has been my addiction. (I’m someone who refuses to become addicted to anything illegal.. so I stick to music, books, etc.) I only have one addiction at a time though. Sometimes its music (this week) sometimes it’s reading (last month sometime before I started working), other times it’ cleaning (when I woke up and cleaned the entire basement, and did all of the laundry in the basement.) There are so many addicts in my family, I don’t allow myself to be put in a situation where I become the next. Addicts never get tired of doing their addiction, after a week or so, I have to change it up lol.

Last night was watching Netflix, and watching the best three comedians I’ve ever known of on tour. (Well, there are normally four, but the fourth wasn’t on tour with them)Here’s a playlist of the show (whoever did it, did it in sections) Them Idiots: Whirled Tour. I haven’t laughed that hard in a good long while lol. Watching another one tonight hopefully with the whole family (Watched alone on laptop last night) It’s just not as funny without other people there to comment.. just saying!