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I have my Associates in Early Childhood Education, and going for my Bachelors. I am with a man named Mike now who is great to me! I have a pretty busy life, but otherwise, it's awesome and I love it!

My Career & Weight

Been a long few days, and tomorrow is going to be longer. I have to go in with the opener in the morning at my store and work until 2p. I then have to go to the doctor’s to get this TB test read by a doctor and a document saying the results. Got two of my background checks backs, looks like I’m still not a criminal. Gotta turn my third one done ASAP. It’s a CPS Registry Clarance. Basically stating I don’t hurt children. Which I would never do. Also hoping to get some drive time in if possible cause I got my learner’s permit, just really need a car and someone willing to teach me to drive.

I ordered a Fitbit from my insurance, and it’ll be here in 5 to 7 business days. I have to have it for my insurance. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield through my work, and it’s to help me keep track of my steps. I wanted a nicer one with more features but they all have a price this one’s price just happened to be 0. Since I have had to go to the docs for my knee and everything I have lost 10 lbs. Pretty proud if I do say so myself. Hoping to keep it up and hoping this Fitbit will help me too!!


Health & Going Back to School

I had a pretty good day. After I got the shot in my knee yesterday I was in pain for a few hours from the shot and besides the actual place the shot went in, the knee no longer hurts. I went for a walk today and worked a shift and I can still move it and bend it and I don’t have to crawl up the wall to walk up the stairs. I have an appointment in the morning with my doctor, I’m asking him to take me off of restrictions at work.

I am going back to college, and to do it I have to do FASFA, set up fieldwork, do background checks on me (three to be exact), and get a TB test. I have to do it all cause my Career of choice is Early Childhood Education, and it’s a safety issue for the kids. I think to do FASFA I have to file my taxes for last year, which I weirdly enough didn’t know was required (tho it only makes sense.)

Pain, Work, and School

For the past 4 months, I have had a hard time with my knee and it gets to the point where walking up any set of stairs puts me into tears. I’m on restriction at work for it cause I would normally have to climb up on a chair to fill the ice, and I’m not having to do that at this time. Well, today, I went to the doc and he told me there is water on my knee and he gave me a shot in my knee to dissolve the water and to solve the pain issue. Hoping once it sets in the pain goes away. I’d love to get off of restriction.

I start back to college in Jn to finish my Bachelor’s in Early Childhood. (Nope, I haven’t given up on my dream to own my own preschool, just took a much-needed break to figure a few things out.) I am taking 4 classes and will be still working, and doing fieldwork as well.


A Year’s Summary

So, this year has been.. enlightening, and stressful. Jeff left me while I was at work Jan 12th. For an ex who lived down the road from me. Worst pain I have ever felt well emotionally speaking. Then Mike and I became friends. I have known him plenty of years but he was there when I needed a friend. Then we decided to be together. On July 14th, two things happened. One really good and one really bad. Mike proposed. We were over the Mackinac Bridge, and he proposed in the water. Later that night back home, Jeff got shot in the back. Everyone called me to tell me the next morning. I became a mixed ball of emotions, namely excitement for the future, but sadness for the shooting. Let me be very clear.. I will never take Jeff back. Too much pain associated with his name, if you only knew what I put up with to be with him, just for him to leave me you’d say good riddance. But, I also don’t want him dead. Happy alive, and not in my life.. are the things I wish for him. He’s fine. He’s healing. My parents are getting a divorce and selling the house I grew up in,  they already of significant others of their own. It’s going to be a hard holiday season without them being together. My sister Jess? You guessed it, rehab. I’m considering getting Guardianship of her oldest 3. Her youngest already has a Guardian that takes great care of him and the 4 parents I have been having a hard time supporting the older 3. I wanna step up to help out. Which led to me getting my learners permit, not that I had driven more than 12 mins tho cause no one has time to teach me. My sister Kyley had a baby. Serenity Renae. very beautiful baby girl. That sums up the important parts.

Fresh Start

Hi everyone, sorry I took all my old posts down, they were filled with Jeff who left me back in Jan. I’m with a guy named Mike now he treats me well, defends me when needed and wants me to achieve all the goals I have set for my self. I will post probably tomorrow about the rest of the changes that have happened, I am moving again, got my drivers permit, got rid of my kik accounts (had 2 cause I forgot the info for one created the other than remembered the first one) my baby niece was born, she’s adorable, I still work at Subway, and that’s to name a few There’s a divorce in the works, someone I hate is getting out of prison, and the divorcing individuals already have someone new. Stay tuned to get all the information.