Life Today..

Having a blahh day. Listening to YouTube, and ran across  song from a Madea movie.. Mary J. Blige – I Can Do Bad All By Myself (YouTube video link). This song is how I feel about people thoughts about my job. Everyone says I need to do something different, and find a different career path. I’m here to tell you, that I will get through this, I will become the preschool teacher I’ve always wanted to become. Any nonbelievers are only kept in my life so when I succeed I can rub it in their face. (Never said I was fully mature yet lol). When I graduated with my Associate I Early Childhood Education, I had half a mind to invite all of my haters to see it. There aren’t enough seats in any given place for them all to fit. So, I invited the few supporters I have here.

Also, found this song.. which I also love, Love & Theft – If You Ever Get Lonely (Another YouTube link). I don’t know why but lately this song has been my addiction. (I’m someone who refuses to become addicted to anything illegal.. so I stick to music, books, etc.) I only have one addiction at a time though. Sometimes its music (this week) sometimes it’s reading (last month sometime before I started working), other times it’ cleaning (when I woke up and cleaned the entire basement, and did all of the laundry in the basement.) There are so many addicts in my family, I don’t allow myself to be put in a situation where I become the next. Addicts never get tired of doing their addiction, after a week or so, I have to change it up lol.

Last night was watching Netflix, and watching the best three comedians I’ve ever known of on tour. (Well, there are normally four, but the fourth wasn’t on tour with them)Here’s a playlist of the show (whoever did it, did it in sections) Them Idiots: Whirled Tour. I haven’t laughed that hard in a good long while lol. Watching another one tonight hopefully with the whole family (Watched alone on laptop last night) It’s just not as funny without other people there to comment.. just saying!