Update on Mom, & Life


So, a lot has happened since my last blog post, namely, my boyfriend stood up for me to people he tends not to, and it’s so much better now that they have just finally got the hint to let us be happy and back off. If I had a penny for every time I thought their thoughts would break us up, I would never need to work again in my life..

Since I no longer consistently┬ábabysit my nephew, I have had more free time, and I have hung out with my aunt a lot. I came over the weekend before last, and I came over on Friday and have been here since, going to the boyfriends for the night tomorrow. He just asked me to stay over, and well. I’m not turning down staying with the man I love. Never that.

The Big Sis is out of rehab and seems to be making good decisions. Now, for those decisions to continue to be good. That is the key. I believe she can do it. She just has to keep busy and keep people around that are a positive influence.. And do anything to prevent from using. I’m no addict, but I’m sure it’s easier said than done. She just has to believe in herself.

I have been taking and editing a lot of pictures. Well, it’s something that I do anyway, but the past few days, that’s been my thing.

I updated my blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed. I got tired of it taking forever to figure out where my posts are, and well.. Change is a good thing. Yes, I’m sure you’ve also noticed I have a favorite color. If you don’t know it yet.. what color dominates this page? lol

Because there are no classes that I need going on this fall, I don’t start classes until the winter semester which starts right after the New Year. (Can you believe Halloween is next month?? Where did 2016 go??) Nine days after Halloween, I turn 26. Hoping that by then I have a full-time job. Yes, I’ll probably post less, but my success level will go up, and I want.. no.. need my own place. Tired of living with people. The only person I want to live with is Jeff.

The events that happened since the last post are a Cancer Benefit for my Grandma Mary (Still don’t understand why killers and rapists don’t get Cancer, but the Good people do.) and my Nephew’s 4th Birthday Party.

Does he look 4? He’s getting too big, too quick!

Alright. Gonna wrap this up.. Have a great night everyone!!