Housework, a Job, & Conflict

For the past two days I have been cleaning. Constantly. Cleaned the entire basement, and finishing all of the laundry I found hopefully before I go to bed. I also have to do the kitchen. Problem being I never bend this much normally. Clothes in and out of washer and dryer, plus folding blankets sheets and curtains, carrying them up and down, etc. This is constant as opposed to for two loads a week. My back is killing me. 

So, I have a job I am subbing, haven’t gotten a call yet. My mom was told this morning that she has to be to the hospital for surgery on her heart to check on it at 5:30a. I am getting the kids up for school. I’m conflicted because after the kids get on the bus I plan to go to the hospital to be with my Mom, but if I get called in, I could say I can’t because my Mom is in surgery or I could go and check on her after. Had I gotten called in one other time til now I could turn the call down, but if I get called in and turn down my first call, how reliable do I look? But, it is my Mother for crying out loud. So conflicted.

High School Graduation in 2009

Wondering what others would do. If you don’t mind answering this.. if you were in similar conflict.. what would you do? I wish I knew how to take a poll on here. But I’ll get the jist I guess from comments if your willing to answer.

Jeff stayed this weekend

 From Friday til Tuesday. Surprisingly. We had a few things to sort out and I thnk we succeeded at sorting them out. Boy do I love him. If the worst ever happened I would be lost. Just lost. 

I Love Him!!
What would I do if I lost him.. I’m scared to find out.