Music, Thoughts, & Life

So, funny story lol I went to my friends house and her hubby’s friend was there. As a joke when I saw a phone I said “who wants to give me this phone” and he said.. just take it.. I was like oh I was kidding.. he said.. just take it. It’s already activated and I just had to pay the bill. Thanks to him!! Needed it for real for this job. 

So, today I have been putting music on it, and doing ringtones and all of this. For the record I haven’t had a phone for nearly a year.. Country music is my favorite but I like some alternative music as well and some pop, and songs that came out as I was growing up. 

Life has been going good. Drama at a minimum at this point on my life.. need it to hit 0 pretty hard.. and stay there. 

My nickname from my Mom is Tinkerbell. This is my favorite picture of her. 

Reminds me of me.. Doing my best but doesn’t get it right the first time nearly ever.

Really hoping I get it right as a Substitute. Gotta live this dream. I got a plan and I’m sticking to it. No one said it had to go at race car speed. 

No matter what always believe in yourself. It’s always great to have those who believe in you too, but if you don’t believe in yourself and your dreams, they won’t come true. 

Go beyond your limits for your dreams!