News.. Good & Bad 

I have had time with Jeff finally. But only because I had to quit babysitting  cause the woman decided to not to pay me. My sister is out of jail but heading to a program for violating  parole for 30 to 90 days.. I have a job now.. one of two, depending  on the reply I recieve. 

1. Assistant  Teacher for the Head Start (becoming a Preschool Teacher = current Dream Job!!) 

2. Subbing for the Head Start (not so much, but getting experience)

Clearly I really want the first one.. I have dreamed of workingin a preschool since I was 16. I will substitute  though if I can’t  be the Assistant. Tho I do have my Associates  and the 6 mo  of experience  required  as well. 

They haven’t caught whoever stole my Mom’s  meds.. 

This picture was at the Gender Reveal Party for Jeff’s  sister. I did edit it tho with an app. I love this man!! 

Gotta make me some lunch now.. Ill post again soon.