💜💜 Few and Far Between 💜💜

For the past few weeks I haven’t seen my boyfriend. Because of this job, and because of issues preventing  him coming where I watch the kids at. So, it’s been rather lonely  without him, and we’ll I hit a slump. For a few days I have felt like crying, and today I did just that a few times. So, since I am watching my nephew  at my house and staying here a few days he is coming to stay tomorrow. Technically, I wanted him to come over tonight. I’m kinda nervous  cause if anything  comes up he’ll  probably  change his mind. He’s just that way. We have been together  for 2 1/2 years this coming Sunday (8/14/16) 

I love him more than words could say. He is an amazing man and I am glad to have him!! 

We're  happy together, not so much apart...
My favorite picture from that day!!

We met in October  of 2013 and started dating in February. The lovers dday is when I finally  decided to be his girlfriend. Yes, cheesy.. but it is what it is. We have our issues as every couple does.. but he is my one and only! 

So, now that he is coming over I get to spend much needed and deserved time together  for the first time in what seems to me lose forever. 

Fun Days!!
Loving him!!

Hoping that you all enjoyed my story of Jeff and I. Feel free to post comments  about yours and anything  else that you’d like to say. Keep it nice please. Thanks much!!