Productive Weekend!!

This weekend has gone pretty well. Started by getting out fieldwork, buying a student bus pass, paying off library debt, going out to dinner at KFC with Jeff (my boyfriend) and his family. Later that night, while drinking, Jeff decides he wants to come over to my house with my family. So, we come here, and drink, the next day, I clean the house, and drink, then woke up today, and went all types of OCD on the house. Doing laundry, cleaning everything, having homework to do as well, that I haven’t started quite yet. My sister borrowed $83 from me last weekend, so to pay me back, she gave me her older Xbox (the first one they came out with, but it has games on it, there are too many to count!!). She has to find the cords, or I told her it’s a “no deal” situation.. I have my cousin coming over today, I think.. which should be fun. My bf dated her years before me.. but she knows about us, and respects it, and is engaged to a man she is head over heels for, so I think it’ll work out good.. The cousin and I used to be close, but life happened, and we just got too busy to hang out.


Step Mom is doing good as far as I know. Her throat is hoarse due to the place of the surgery, and it hurts from it as well, otherwise all is well with her. So glad the bumps shrunk.

So.. if I have a fan base, I’d like to have any questions or comments from anyone who sees fit to do so. I’ll answer honesty, but wont give names of those I haven’t given. I hope all goes well between now and my next post for any an all!