Update on Step Mom.. & More

My Step Mom is in recovery now, we’re able to see her, my Real Dad is in first, I think I’ll go in next. All went well, better than expected, so.. this is all good. .

Side note.. if you would like to (you certainly don’t have to do anything I say) you can follow my other blog.

Here is the Link I haven’t posted much at all thus far, haven’t been on in around a year, but I’m going to start posting again, so.. have at it.

I have homework to do tonight, so I don’t think I’ll post again tonight until after, if at all honestly. But, I’ll post when I can. I have 3 more weeks of class, then I’ll be done, Graduating with my Associates next semester, then going to finish my Bachelor’s (expected to Graduate same time next year.. Yay!)  Once I am done with these classes I’ll be able to post more often, so please bare with me in the meantime.