My Life Happenings

I live in a boring city, and wish that it were more entertaining. Most people know me as the talker, the fat girl, or the annoying fat girl. My name however is Tasha Perry. I have 2 little sisters, (ages 7 and 9) and  1 older (age: 21). My older sister has 3 kids. There are 2 girls, ages 2 and 4,  and she just had a boy. Here is a picture of him. He is so cute..

Baby James

I go to Baker College of Jackson and I’m going to be a teacher.  I am doing my fieldwork, on a daily basis, and going to school on Monday’s, and Thursday’s. Then I’m doing my homework, visiting with family, cleaning, baby sitting, and catching the bus when necessary. I get sleep sometimes, and love to get it. I just got out of a bad relationship. He cheated on me while I was in the house. I had a dog named Bo. Here is a picture of him.

BSB  (240)

I miss him, but I already have a lot on my plate without him. He was a great dog. I want him back if ever possible. Only, though if the current owner decides to get rid of him. My life is really complicated. I have school, homework, family, friends, did have a boyfriend, now back to being single. I have things like laundry, and household cleaning to do. My life is one thing after the other. Then people get mad because I don’t stay at their houses. My mother in particular. I stay at my aunts house from time to time because she gives me a ride from school, and I’m already at her house, and enjoy being there from time to time. I barely go anywhere besides school, my aunts, home and my moms. I have friends I never see.


I am so tired today I had my fieldwork and it was a real blast. I had to wake up early to do it. I stayed up til like 1:30 am searching for a lesson plan.. then woke up and had a great idea for a book. The teacher, nor the librarian had the book it required, so I couldn’t do it. I’m getting my ZA in Early Childhood Education as well as Teacher Preparation for 4th through 8th grade for language arts. I have to take the MTTC on April 16th and am pretty nervous about the whole thing. I got my admission ticket for it  via email, and requested a hard copy in the mail.